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How To Have A Real Girl Friend Experience (GFE)!

Bangkok escorts and escort girlsWhen it comes to booking a Bangkok escort...usually what every man wants to know is will she really like what I've got
to offer?  Well, as it turns out some of that depends on YOU, not her!  Most men figure they paid for it, so she's got to put out for me.  While that certainly may be true, remember escorts are real people with feelings too.

It's human nature that if you don't treat a Thai girl well, she may do what you've paid her to do, but NOT with 100% enjoyment.  Let's face it...if you pay to book an escort you want two things: 1) a 100% Girl Friend Experience and 2) a 100% return on your investment.

Here are a few GFE principles to follow to get an escort to really open her heart to you:

1) Be a gentleman: If you act like a coldfish and treat her like a piece of meat...guess what?  You might just get it all back at you buddy.  These girls know all kinds of men.  So if you're a gentleman and treat your Bangkok escort with respect, you're immediately recognized as different than others and YOU will reap the dividends.  Get the picture?

2) Take her slow, don't rush it: This is one of the biggest mistakes men make with Thai escort girls.  The girl walks in and the client demands she drop to her knees.  Ok, so you've been waiting for an hour and now you want it bad.  But why not slow the train down a bit, treat her with a little sweetness, take a few minutes to get to know her as someone who actually has a life?  Then guess what?  You might just get double the honey in return for your patience and a few minutes of investing time in her as a person.

3) Take her out and treat her like your date:  If you treat her to a nice dinner, a little dancing or drinks...guess what?  She feels like you really appreciate her, and chances are you'll have a good time and she'll open up to you more back in the bedroom.  A little extra pampering on your part will go along way.  Of course that means you should consider booking an escort for more than just 2 hours.

These are just a few helpful hints when you book an escort to get the most return on your escort investment.  You'll be surprised how awesome of a Girl Friend Experience you'll have and how just these little things turn up the heat in the bedroom.

Erotika Queens Bangkok Escorts and Escort Service...Our Duos will ROCK YOU!

Bangkok escorts and escort serviceImagine two girls at your side waiting for your command.  "I'd like for you both to start out with a lesbian show...ok?"  At your command  they gradually begin to caress each other as you eagerly look on.  As the two Bangkok escorts entangle in a strong embrace, kissing and caressing each other, your woody gets a little stiffer as you look on prepared for some steaming hot action.  But not just yet!  You want to savor every moment of this live lesbian show in the comfort of your hotel room.

You want to jump in, but you wait until things heat up just a bit longer.  Then one of the girls grabs the toy.  This toy is no ordinary dick, as you figure it measures at least about 20 cm.  Slowly one of the girls inserts the toy deep inside the escorts pussy.  The gyrations evolve into a wild frenzy of groaning and sexy talk.  You can't wait any longer and you plunge your stiff Rod into the warm and wet love cave of one of the girls as she thrusts the toy faster and deeper into her lover. 

If you've never tried a Erotika Queens Bangkok Escort Duo before...don't miss it!  It's a fantasy experience you won't soon forget. 

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The Forbidden Star

Jack had booked me the previous week from Erotika Queens Bangkok Escorts.  This time he wanted to try something new and requested that I bring lots of extra lube.  I recently began my journey into anal sex and decided I’d offer this service to my clients for an extra fee.  Little did Jack know, as a Bangkok escort, I always cum prepared!

When I arrived at Jack’s hotel room, we renewed acquaintances with a big kiss.  “I hear you are requesting A-level service this time my dear.  I have only one request Jack, can I ask you to take me very slow?  I’m very new to this, you know”.   “Absolutely”, Jack assured as he reached over and stroked my leg, only centimeters from me.

His hand caressed further up my bare thigh.
 I had decided not to wear panties that night as a special turn-on for this returning client.  I wore only an incredible see through bra that I had just bought at a shop on Sukhumvit Rd.  Jack seeing the bra alone nearly had him panting when I took my shirt off to show off my new purchase.   "Why don't you just get comfortable?", he said softly with his sexy voice as he poured us a couple glasses of wine.  We toasted to a great evening of passion, reminisced old times and then finally, both feeling the intoxicating effects of several glasses of wine, we knew it was time for the hot stuff.  To be honest I was so horny, I really longed to feel his pulsating manhood inside of me.

I quickly stripped down completely and climbed onto the bed with him.
 He turned to me pulling me into his strong arms, and kissed me like we were long lost lovers.  His hands began to explore my soft skin and the firm cheeks of my ass.

After a few minutes of play, he worked his way down my body and between my legs.
 I opened them for him, allowing him to touch and caress me, as he slowly zeroed in on his true target.  I could almost smell his lustful passion and to be honest it was making me soaking wet and longing for more.  He chewed on my pussy like a famished animal and I could tell he wanted so much more of me too.   

He came up for air and another passionate kiss, his lips dripping with the nectar of cunt.  He slid back between my legs and once again feasted on me again and again like a ravenous hungry beast.  The tingling ecstasy that ran up and down my spine drove me into an state of wild passion and lust.

I reached down and ran my fingers through his hair while his tongue slaved away lapping up the nectar of my pussy.  My moans grew louder, and my hands drew him in tighter as I got nearer to my goal of cumming while his tongue slaved wildly in and out of my hot, wet pussy.
Then he attacked my love cave with three fingers filling my pussy, while his tongue and lips teased my clit out of hiding and gently massaged it.  After he'd gotten me close to cumming twice, he decided to allow me to cum, and searched out my inner hot-spot while his tongue vibrated on my clit. Finally it was time and my scream thundered with incredible volume making me wonder if we'd hear a knock on the door asking us to quiet down.

I rolled onto my side gasping, my legs pulled up, and it gave him a chance to rub my butt cheeks, reaching between my legs and teasing my back-door.
 He moved in close and licked me from my pussy right to my forbidden dark star, pressing his tongue into me, penetrating my delicious tight ass.

Jack sat up and roughly brought me to my knees, and raised my ass into the air preparing for entry.
 He started by rimming me deeply, tonguing my ass as far as he could, then slid a finger into my butt, making me squirm for more.  He lowered his oral attention, licking my wet pussy, while he stroked his finger into my dark tunnel.  Bringing both hands into play, he slid a couple of fingers into my pussy, while he continued tongue playing with my beautiful ass.  He was nibbling on my cheeks when I spoke up, "Jack, I'm going to come again, don't stop."

That was music to his ears, and he fucked both holes with his fingers, sliding another into my pussy, twisting in and out of me.
 I cried out for him again, my legs giving out and sliding apart, lowering my trembling body to the bed.

He crawled up next to me, lying against my heaving body, kissing my shoulder and fondling me.
 His hand wandered back down to my delightful rear, squeezing my cheeks, and occasionally teasing my back entrance a little more.

I turned to him and kissed him hard, then rolled him onto my back.
 He was hoping I’d reciprocate. He watched my face move down to his cock and my mouth covered him, giving him the wettest blow-job I could possibly give.  What a beautiful cock!  If there’s one thing I appreciate about this job is I get to smoke some amazingly gorgeous and delicious dick.

I sat up, adjusting my legs, and rose up for the coup de gras…A-level!   I lowered myself and I reached down, held his staff in my hand to keep it from bending in half and inserted his engorged cock into my ass.  The pressure from his engorged rod was intense.

He groaned as I directed his anal journey, pulling his hand away when he felt the pressure of me coming down against it.
 It was only a couple of minutes until I had most of his length inside of me.

I began to move up and down on his manhood, quivering in delight as he fucked my ass crack with long strokes deep into my pulsating back door.
 Given I was new to this thing, I was still unbelievably tight even with a ton of lube, but the going was easier the more we continued.

Being worked up for so long had its consequences. "I'm not going to last much longer," he warned me, slapping his balls harder and harder against my ass cheeks.

"Good. I can't take this for too long either darling.
 Come for me, Jack.  I need to feel your cum inside me!" I exclaimed with a tone that conveyed my wanton lust for his love cream.

We had a great rhythm going, my body moving up, while he pulled back, then coming together roughly, driving his cock deeply into me while my firm breasts bounced in rhythmic delight.
 My hands were now rubbing my clit to offset the pain from his hard thrusts into my ass.  He grabbed my hips and fucked into me hard, pounding my helpless ass until he couldn't hold back a moment more. With a loud grunt he shot his full load into me, pulling me down hard against him while he emptied his love cream into my sweet butt.  The feeling of his creamy juice felt so warm and comforting.  With one final thrust, he pushed into me as deep as he could, transferring the last drop of his warm, soothing cum.

I leaned down and laid across his chest, gasping.
 He held me close, kissing me wherever he could while his hands caressing my smooth flesh.  Then I felt him slide out of me escaping my forbidden love cave with a noticeable pop.

I giggled a bit at the sound. "I guess you like my butt, just a little."

He lifted my face, looking into my eyes and kissed me hard. "I love everything about you Clitina."

Wanna Take Your Escort Clubbing? Here's What's New!

Many times customers ask us where the best Bangkok nightlife spots are located.  One of the places we ALWAYS recommended
Bangkok escort nightclub spotwas the Bed Supperclub on Sukhumvit 11.  But as of August 31, 2013 this iconic venue, most often referred to simply as "The Bed", has closed it's doors.  Famous for it's unique and bold futuristic architectural design that resembled a kind of cylinder on stilts and furnished with massive bed-like sofas, the Bed's popularity as the club of choice for many was unrivaled.  But much needed renovations totaling nearly 30M Thai Baht and unresolved lease conditions forced the owner to close for now.  They will reopen possibly next year in a new location.

So in the meantime, where's the next best place to go clubbing and party with your Erotika Queens Bangkok escort?  The "new kid" on
New Bangkok escorts hang out
the block also located on Sukhumvit 11 is called "Levels".  Similar in nature to the Bed, Levels is staffed with rave heavy DJs and a unique multi-level architecture.  Enormous ceilings, an LED chandelier and a state of the art sound system that brandishes the beats of electro-house and progressive music, delivers a strobe induced ecstatic dance and nightclub experience.  Away from the crowded dance floor, there is also the warm and comfortable atmosphere of the Levels Lounge for a relaxing cocktail, and a VIP club level with superb table service furnished with custom designed white crocodile leather seating.

When you make a long term booking with an escort from Erotika Queens, our girls can be prepared for a night on the town to make your girl friend experience the best ever!  Book a Bangkok nightlife escort today from Erotika Queens.  We are waiting for your call!

Thailand Has Amazing Escorts and Amazing Things To See!

Thailand is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. And there's a good reason why!  If you like variety, Thailand has much to offer from crystal blue water and beaches, tropical jungles, amazing food, inexpensive lodging as well as some of the finest luxury hotels in the world.  Thailand has something for everyone to enjoy with many interests for every low, medium and high travel budget.  Thailand boasts of its' unique cultural heritage, history and a people famous for their enduring smiles in time of both little and plenty.  The Thai language is unique with it's 44 characters and 5 tones, making it one of the most unique and interesting languages in the world.

Nothing is more spectacular in Thailand than a visit to one of the many islands that are closely aligned with it's many kilometers of coastline.  At peak season, tourists are often seen frequenting the island cruise boats that scour the beaches for a day trip to the islands.  This is a perfect place to take a bangkok escort from Erotika Queens.  Crystal blue waters, cheap beach front bungalows, warm sea breezes and some of the best seafood cuisine awaits the visitor to any one of the many islands off Thailand's pristine coastal waters. 

Amazing Bangkok escorts and escort locations

No Thai island has received more attention than the famous Phi Phi Island.  The island was the setting for the movie, The Beach, starring Leonardo DiCaprio.  Commonly known as one of the best scuba diving locations in the world, the sea life and coral reefs are nothing short of exhilarating to witness in person.  Diving around the island reefs allows fantastic views of an impressive varieties of marine life such as lots of small fish, coral reefs, sea turtles, large fish and possibly even a whale shark.  Every year thousands of tourists come to Thailand to get certified as a diver and the cost is very affordable.

If you are interested in a luxury Phi Phi island resort, we recommend Phi Phi Island Village, a 4.5 star tropical resort set within the natural surroundings of lavish vegetation. The resort affords amazing views of the Andaman Sea.  You can tour the waters around Phi Phi island on their new luxury PP11 boat which provides direct transit from Phuket to the resort. 

The brand new resort boat is a 15m twin powered dual hull aluminum catamaran with a cruising speed of 20-25 knots making the trip to the resort within 1hr. 30min.  The resort boat is fully equipped with all the latest technology to enhance your luxury cruise around the islands.

Here's what you might see on a cruise like this:

Travel with Bangkok escorts and Bangkok escort service

Why Are Tourists Are Flocking to Thailand Holiday Locations?

In August, 2013, Bangkok was voted the Best City in the World according to a survey by Travel and Leisure Magazine. Chiang Mai, Thailand’s second largest city ranked 10thVisitors to Bangkok feel it is a truly cosmopolitan city that is a perfect mixture of the old and the new. Its distinctive character is the result of Thailand’s long-standing freedom while opening itself to all positive things beyond its borders.”  

Bangkok escorts and escort service
In addition, Thailand was the only country that had two cities in the top ten global rankings. Thailand's many beautiful islands where also on the list of the World’s Best Islands, which included Ko Samui (9th) and Phuket (15th).  However, in regards to Phuket, Patong Beach has become mainly a conglomeration of chain hotels, small restaurants and cheap sex-themed bars and clubs. But most tourists travel to Phuket because of some of the world's finest hotels and to make an excursion to the surrounding islands and their beaches.  

Many of our Bangkok escort clients take their girls to Phuket to explore the many tourist sites and various islands by speedboat or catamaran for the ultimate adventurous and enjoyable holiday.  It's hard to think of any better way to spend a holiday than with a beautiful, sexy escort at one of the most beautiful beach towns in the world!

We Aim To Serve You Better!

We are currently entering our 7th year of full-on escort service in Bangkok, Thailand.  Now, just to set the record straight, in all the years of service we have NEVER sent a different girl to a client or even hired an escort knowing her photo is not genuine or perhaps taken say...10 years ago!  Ugh!

Why?  Two reasons: 1) We just don't think our valued clients who typically stay at 5 star hotels are that stupid to not notice the difference, and 2) We strive to honestly give to our clients everything they request in our escort girls.  And that's why they return...

The unfortunate outcome for some disappointed guys is they've now become negatively conditioned as a result of the deceptive ploys of dubious and greedy agencies in Bangkok.  After being disappointed, they assume all agencies are alike!  But nothing could be further from the truth!

If I had 10 Thai Baht for every time we've repeated the following: ALL OF THE PHOTOS OF OUR LOVELY ESCORTS ARE GENUINE AND RECENT, I'd have lots of pocket change!

Don't be fooled by escort agencies that appear reputable, but are intent on tricking prospective clients by posting fake photos and profiles on their websites.  Sadly, this practice is now pandemic with fraudulent so-called escort agencies in Bangkok. Our experience after years in this business is there are a lot of companies in Bangkok that are dubious and shrewd agencies organized to deceive potential clients out of their hard earned cash.

We receive inquires all the time from clients who tell us they ordered an escort from some escort agency and someone else showed up at their hotel door!  Unfortunately, these deceptive agencies also affect the business of good Bangkok escort companies (of which there are several) who seek to maintain proper business practices and a history of trustworthiness as an escort agency.

As for us...we will always try to do our very best to give a client exactly what they are looking for!  No exceptions.